This page is reserved for anyone who has access to edit the KAEOPP website.  If you've arrived here by mistake there is not much info here for you.

If you are part of the KAEOPP Web Development Team then you can download the file below for a tutorial on how to edit the KAEOPP Web Site.  You must have permissions set for your account to be able to login to edit.  

This document is essentially a tutorial for Google Sites (the system that this web site runs on).  If you have questions or think you should have editing access, please email the Webmaster for more information.

Notes on Editing

When creating content on this site it is important to make everything readable.  Do this by selecting font colors that have a high contrast from the background.  The background is always light so all text should be dark.  Black is the default.  It should be used unless specific emphasis is needed.  Then a dark gray or dark blue should be used.  Royal blue should be avoided as to not confuse users that the text might be a link.

Trebuchet is the standard font for this site.  It will select by default.  Use the following formatting conventions for these types of text:

Top level header (H1) = 16 pt bold
Low level header (H2) = 12 pt bold
Body text = 10 pt (use no special formatting except for emphasis)

Pictures are encouraged when creating content.  Pictures create emphasis, and give a page a rich feel, but it is important to use images that are legal for use.  Use images that you have created, have a Creative Commons license or follow typical fair use guidelines. Google and Yahoo! both have options to search by usage rights.  Use these filters to find images that fit these guidelines.  

Images that you've taken yourself need to be resized.  This will make images load faster, and will use less space on the website.  Images from a digital camera look good, and have plenty of detail when resized to 800 x 600 pixels. Most image editors can perform this function.  The best image editor is Photoshop, and you can get a lite version called Photoshop Elements.  There are also many free options.  Pixlr is an online image editor that is very robust (and recommended if you don't already have image editing software installed).  Paint.NET is very useful, and a free download (beware of thinking ads on the site are the correct download).  Picasa is also a good program to download for basic retouching or resizing of images.

Links are essential to a good webpage.  If you're linking to a page within KAEOPP.org you need to create a basic link.  If you're linking to a site outside of KAEOPP.org you need to have that link open in a new window.  This way our users will be able to tell if a site is a part of our site or not.  Email links will open the default mail program so there is no need to have these open in a new window.

Kentucky Trio,
Oct 19, 2010, 7:10 AM