KAEOPP Directory

The KAEOPP Directory is currently available at the KAEOPP.org Google Classroom.  

Logging into the KY TRIO Member Space
For current members already have a kaeopp.org email account (these will be sent out after the October 2016 Business Meeting).  Please visit classroom.google.comand use code: me7ga8 to join the Classroom.  

If you do not have a kaeopp.org email account, you will need a KAEOPP.org email address.  To get a KAEOPP.org email address, please email matt@kaeopp.org and an account will be created for you if you are a member (accounts will be membername@member.kaeopp.org).  After you log into your account, please go to classroom.google.com, and use code: me7ga8 to join the Classroom. 

Request a Change to the Current KAEOPP Directory
To make changes, please use the change, delete or add form.  This form will be reviewed by the Service Member at Large, and then the official directory will be updated.