Chair - Mr. Matthew Donovan, Academic Coordinator of EOC at Morehead State University

Summer Programs Student Outreach Liaison - Ms. Audrey Neal, Director of TS Programs at Murray State University

COE/DOE Liaison - Dr. T. Chris George, Director of SSS at Western Kentucky University and COE Board Chair Elect

State Advocacy Liaison - Ms. Marissa Smith, Educational Advisor of SSS at Bluegrass Community & Technical College

Mental Health Liaison - Mr. Stephen Keene, Coordinator of UBMS at Murray State University and KY TRIO President

Online Resources Liaison - Ms. Elaine Tilley, Project Director of TS at Hiwassee College

KYTRIO COVID-19 Response Committee Objectives 

  1. SAEOPP/COE/DOE COVID-19 Updates – We will provide updates and info on what information is being supplied and what resources are available from these organizations.
  1. Summer Program and Student outreach- committee members will check-in with those who are holding summer sessions: ETS/UB/UBMS and provide support and outreach as needed
  1.  Mental Health and Wellness – Mental Health and Wellness is extremely vital during the pandemic and KYTRIO is here for you. Our Mental Health expert will assist with providing exercises and best practices for TRIO Professionals.
  1. Planning/Implementation/Future Outlook - Strategies moving forward as we move into the upcoming school year and beyond with COVID-19
  1. Online Resources - Catalog of resources and information that we can make available to all with to include educational materials, virtual college tours, information, etc.

KYTRIO COVID-19 Response Committee Goals 

     I.         I. Provide support and vital information during the pandemic to our TRIO professionals

  II.     II. Create Covid-19 Newsletter to provide information and tips to our TRIO community

III.      III. Host a Monthly Webinar where we will provide information and support to all of our Trio community with possible breakout sessions led by committee members and have a Q and A session on hot topics in TRIO

IV.      IV. Provide Dept. of Ed and COE information as soon as we learn of it on how changes are affecting our TRIO programs

  V.     V. Create a safe TRIO support community to help all that are in need of assistance in any aspect. We will get through this together!

KYTRIO COVID-19 Response Committee Webinar Video

KYTRIO Covid Response Team Webinar 6/11/2020

KYTRIO 2nd Covid 19 webinar