Officer Nominations

KAEOPP Office Nominations are currently open.  Please visit the Nomination Profile to submit your name to be on the ballot.  The Nomination Profile takes 15-30 minutes to complete.

At time of submission of the Nomination Profile, you must submit a printed, signed & scanned Statement of Support from you direct supervisor.

The timeline for nomination/election process is below:



December 7, 2020-February 2, 2021 (approx)*

Nominations open for KY TRIO Board offices

 February 2, 2021(approx.)

Candidates approved by the KY TRIO Membership at State Meeting at 49th Annual SAEOPP Conference

 February 15 - March 5, 2021   

 Campaign period

 March 8-26, 2021

 Elections open electronically (ballots emailed to all paid members)
(no campaigning during election period)

 April 2, 2021 (approx.)

 Winners notified

Winner will be publicly announced at the 2021 KY TRIO Spring Meeting.  Date and times TBA.  

* Nominations will be accepted by the KY TRIO Membership at the state meeting that is part of the 49th Annual SAEOPP Conference.  That date is currently set for February 2, 2021, but if the date is changed, to earlier or later in the week, then the deadline will be altered accordingly.  Nominations will be accepted from the floor during this meeting.  Write in candidates will be allowed, but will not be promoted with the slate of officers by the Association.

Matthew Hyden,
Dec 7, 2020, 10:50 AM