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Paul Luxmore Award

The Paul Luxmore Outstanding Service Award
For Professional Excellence

KAEOPP'S Most Prestigious Award for KAEOPP Members

This award is named for Paul Luxmore, the first Director of Alice Lloyd's Upward Bound program, one of the original 9 TRIO programs in Kentucky. As Director of Upward Bound at Alice Lloyd and then TRIO Director at Pikeville College, he was involved in TRIO from 1966 to 1981, serving as KAEOPP President in 1978-1979. The award honoring Paul Luxmore and those individuals who were instrumental in establishing Kentucky's TRIO programs now recognizes members who by their own efforts promote the advancement of the organization.

Nomination forms for this award will be present on this page when KAEOPP is accepting nominations for this award.  Only KAEOPP Members may nominate other KAEOPP Members for this award.  This honor is not awarded on an annual basis.

Past Recipients

(1983-1984) Betty Moran
(1984-1985) Diane Drake
(1985-1986) Judith Edinger
(1986-1987) Dan Connell
(1987-1988) Beth Sullivan
(1988-1989) Susan Adams
(1989-1990) Jennifer Cady
(1991-1992) Nancy Hindman
(1992-1993) Ken Dyrsen
(1994-1995) Carolyn Sundy
(1995-1996) Russell McIntosh
(1996-1997) Michael Berry
(1997-1998) Mary McLaughlin
(1998-1999) Nancy Carwell
(1999-2000) Bill Hailey
(2001-2002) Randy Wilson
(2003-2004) Darla Pearson-Phillips
(2004-2010) No awards given
(2010-2011) Anna Leasure
(2011-2012) T. Chris George
(2012-2013) Tania Crawford-Gross
(2013-2014) No awards given
(2014-2015) Tom Rowland
(2015-2018) No awards given