Presidential Duel Returns

posted Oct 1, 2010, 12:57 PM by Kentucky Trio   [ updated Oct 5, 2010, 12:03 PM ]
KAEOPP & TASP have a long history together, and most of it involves good will and good friendship.  But last year we saw the presidents (Chris George of KY & Stephen Hendrix of TN) decide that it was finally time to see which state was the best between the two.  Blue vs orange, Vols vs Cats, George vs. Hendrix, Tennessee vs Kentucky, KAEOPP vs TASP!!!  Last year's duel was indecisive so this year both presidents are determined to establish a clear winner in this epic battle!

The President's Duel will consist of many events through the conference where some friendly competition will take place between the two states, and more specifically, the two presidents.  The winner will take home some pride, and possibly a few perks for his respective organization. 

Planning this event is a lot of fun, and because of that we want to allow members the opportunity to create a few of the events the presidents will compete in.  If you have a suggestion please complete the form below to share your ideas with us!

You can also leave an idea in the comments section below or leave a comment about someone else's idea!

Presidents Duel Suggestion

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If you've still not registered for the conference, see our Conference Page for more information or for registration material.  If you still need to reserve a room you'll need to check out the Sydney James Mountain Lodge (the overflow hotel for this event).

We hope to see as many KAEOPPians at this years conference as possible!!!